Training for Employees and Board Members

HHSC provides compliance training to each employee upon the start of their employment. Each Board member also receives compliance training when they begin their term. The following provide links to the key elements that are typically included:

  • Compliance program link - HHSC Compliance Tng—General—May 2010.ppt
  • HIPAA link - Basic HIPAA---2-17-10.ppt
  • Code of Conduct link (repeated) - Code of Conduct FINAL--3-1-11.PDF

In addition, each employee and Board member receives annual compliance training that includes updates, reminders, and important changes in the compliance program. The following is the material that was provided to the HHSC Corporate Board of Directors at their 2012 annual training:

  • BOD Update--5 articles--Annual Education 2-16-12.doc
  • HHSC-ComplianceTng-General FOR BOARD--12-10.ppt
  • Board Training--3-11.ppt and HHSC-ComplianceTng-General--May 2010.ppt
  • HHSC-ComplianceTng-General FOR HHSC BOARD--12-09.ppt

Regional Compliance Officers are responsible for developing and conducting their annual training programs. These programs are live, online, or a combination of the two methods.