HHSC Regions and Facilities

HHSC operates 1,275 licensed beds in facilities located on five different islands. In Fiscal Year 2010 HHSC hospitals provided a total of 21,984 acute care admissions and 78,216 acute care patient days; 1,240 long-term care admissions, 190,951 long-term care patient days; 3,560 babies born and 104,156 emergency room visits. A total of 1253 licensed acute and long-term care beds are operated in HHSC regions’ and twelve facilities.

Map of HHSC Facilities

HHSC Regions

HHSC is comprised of five regions that make up the HHSC enterprise. These regions are East Hawaii, West Hawaii, KauaiMaui and Oahu. The HHSC enterprise has over 70 affiliation agreements with educational institutions which provide training and residency programs for physicians, nurses, and other professionals.

HHSC Affiliates / Corporate Subsidiary

HHSC is also comprised of four affiliates. These are Kahuku Medical Center, Roselani Place, Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home and Ali’I Health Center.