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Gino Amar

Gino Amar

Honolulu, Hawaii
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Eugene Amar, Jr.,

If you get a chance to visit HHSC West Hawaii Region, please make it a point to checkout Kohala Hospital located in Hawi.   Similar to many other HHSC facilities, Kohala Hospital has a long history of serving the needs of its community. In fact, Kohala Hospital began in 1917 as a small acute facility in a converted plantation home. Today, of course, Kohala Hospital serves as an important critical access care hospital headed by Eugene “Gino” Amar, Jr., administrator. 

Gino’s local and professional management style enables him to effectively manage the hospital’s long-term, emergency, and limited acute care.   He has 20 years of work experience at Kohala Hospital. Gino first served as an accountant, then became the hospital’s business office manager, and subsequently moved up the ranks to being the assistant hospital administrator, administrative service, and acting administrator.

Throughout his many years of service, Mr. Amar has remained committed to improving patient care, in addition to the improvement of patient and employee safety.  During Kohala Hospital’s transition to its present critical access hospital designation, he was instrumental in managing the application process while implementing and coordinating survey preparation efforts.  Mr. Amar also took charge of the hospital’s command center during the 2006 Kiholo earthquake incident, a responsibility that involved the successful handling of communications, resident evacuation, cleanup, and ensuring there were available resources.

His pleasant demeanor is a welcome attribute for hospital employees and medical staff who at times are required to take on extra or unexpected responsibilities.  Mr. Amar is always cooperative and energetic.  Co-workers also can easily confirm Amar’s excellent patient service and willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfill patient and employee safety requirements, often working long hours to make sure deadlines are met.  His set of good work ethics include: 1) listening and learning from others; 2) being approachable; and 3): having a good attitude with all work projects.   

Mr. Amar’s community involvement includes: serving on the Board of North Kohala Resource, founding member; Kohala Country Fair Committee, member, entertainment committee chair, and master of ceremonies, in addition to being an active member and secretary of the Koa Puna Motorcycle Club-Kohala Chapter. 

Mr. Amar holds a Master of Health Administration.  And on May 24, 2012, he was able to reach another milestone by passing his nursing-home administrator licensing examination!  At this point of his career, he looks forward to further improving the rural health care of his community and serving as a role model for others interested in pursuing a career in hospital care.

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