DATE POSTED: August 30, 2018


JOB STATUS: Exempt, Full-Time w/ Benefits

PAY RATE: Negotiable

JOB LOCATION:  Hawaii Health Systems Corporation – Corporate Office, Honolulu, Hawaii


This position actively participates in the management of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)’s office by assuming full responsibility for the administrative and clerical details of the office.   The incumbent has regular access to the knowledge of confidential information relating to employer-employee relations, policy matters, programs, plans, etc.  This position is also responsible for organizing and coordinating matters for the attention of the CIO, assists him/her in the overall administration of the programs and operations.  Considerable tact and judgement are required in dealing with such matters, and the handling of callers, visitors, other employees and officials, members of the Board of Directors, Executive Management Team, Physicians Advisory Group, news media, and members of the general public.


Administrative-Secretarial Duties (90%)

  1. Serves as confidential secretary to the CIO. In this capacity, this position must exercise initiative, independent judgment, discretion and tact in assisting the CIO to organize and coordinate the administrative functions of his/her office. Attends to the administrative details for the CIO: screens, organizes and coordinates matters, including confidential material requiring his attention and refers matters to appropriate agencies and offices. Coordinates work that involves Corporate staff, assuring that all pending material are on time and deadlines are being met. Compiles and arranges material according to priorities and activities; and interprets CIO’s instructions to Corporate staff.
  2. Provides secretarial assistance to HHSC IT senior management as directed. This activity is responsive for the day-to-day needs and demands and changing priorities of the activities of the CIO in coordination with HHSC IT senior management.
  3. Greets and ascertains the purpose of callers and assists them in their business by explaining policies and procedures, directing them to the appropriate staff, arranging appointments with the CIO, and directing them to other departments, meeting rooms, and personnel. Receives and screens telephone calls, determines action needed, makes appointments, provides information or material as requested or redirects inquirer to appropriate person; takes messages or writes a report of the situation for further action or follow-up by appropriate Corporate staff.
  4. Takes dictation and transcribes letters, memoranda, reports, contracts and minutes for IT related committees. Prepares and distributes minutes to appropriate individuals and does follow-up work, when necessary, relative to the decision or action taken at the meetings or conferences which may include policies and procedures, programming, personnel actions, legislative matters, federally funded programs, etc. Provides staff support services necessary to facilitate the convention of these meetings, assisting in the preparation of agenda, and securing parking permits.
  5. Composes letters and memoranda for the CIO as directed. Typing assignments are dictated or in rough draft and format must be arranged and typed in final. Reviews CIO’s outgoing correspondence for compliance, format, procedural requirements, accuracy and content, and where discrepancies exist, makes necessary corrections. This may entail researching files, contacting proper sources or authorities for verification, etc. Also reviews other outgoing correspondence received from Corporate Staff offices for CIO’s signature and refers correspondence with any discrepancies to writer or appropriate personnel for corrective action.
  6. Receives and reviews incoming mail, correspondence, reports and material directed to the CIO and determines whether they should be brought to the attention of the CIO, or prepares documents for signature or forwarded for routine disposition. Maintains record of incoming and outgoing correspondence and action documents. Reviews correspondence, reports, and other materials emanating from the CIO’s office for proper form, grammar, and completeness.
  7. Reviews outgoing correspondence and action documents to assure that the reviews have been made by all appropriate persons and that the material is in conformance with general policy, factual correctness and adequacy of treatment. Calls any deviations or inadequacies to the attention of the writer.
  8. Observes need for administrative or procedural notices and instructions; prepares drafts of necessary issuance; and distributes and explains notices and instructions to appropriate staff.
  9. Makes travel arrangements, maintains, and arranges the CIO calendar for appointments, conferences and meetings and makes arrangements for meeting locations. Assists the CIO in the preparation of agenda and its attendant subject matter, clearance, verification, and prepares and/or gathers all necessary material in preparation for meetings and conferences.
  10. Communicates and deals directly with Corporate staff, private agencies, out-of-state telephone inquires during the absence of the CIO on routine matters for completing various tasks assigned by the CIO.
  11. Interprets policies, rules and regulations, office practices and procedures for Corporate offices and/or redirects inquires to proper sources. May deal directly with Corporate staff officers, State Departments, outside agencies, as appropriate.
  12. Prepares correspondence and memoranda for Corporate executives as assigned.
  13. Reviews materials, reports and other communications relating to general administrative matters submitted to the Corporation and makes recommendations for their disposition. Gather necessary information and background data needed to answer letters and requests. Review outgoing communications for consistency with the objective, policies, and procedures of the Corporation.
  14. Prepares correspondence on non-policy level on own initiative.
  15. Performs other duties as assigned.

Administrative Duties (10%)

  1. Maintains confidential files. Files of confidential nature are kept in the appropriate office(s).
  2. Reads all correspondence and research material as needed for response.
  3. Performs a variety of other duties as required/assigned.
  4. Assumes coverage for other secretaries as assigned.



General Experience: One-half year of work experience which involved performance of tasks which demonstrated knowledge of English grammar, spelling and arithmetic; and the ability to read and understand oral and written instructions, and speak and write simply and directly.

Specialized Clerical Experience: Two years of progressively responsible typing, stenographic and/or substantive clerical work experience which demonstrated possession of, in addition to the knowledges and abilities noted under General Experience, knowledge of common office appliances and equipment and the ability to carry out procedures in clerical work systems and to perform secretarial-type tasks including, but not limited to, several of the following:  serving as telephone and walk-in receptionist; maintaining a system of files; making travel arrangements; composing correspondence; obtaining and presenting information from files; routing correspondence; reviewing outgoing correspondence for format, grammar, spelling, and typography; maintaining a log of pending work; etc.

Secretarial Experience: In addition to the above General and Specialized Clerical Experience, three years of progressively responsible typing, stenographic and/or substantive clerical work experience which demonstrated possession of the ability to perform secretarial duties including, but not limited to the following:  (1) providing personal assistance to an administrator or executive by attending to the administrative details of an office; (2) having an overall awareness of the activities and administrative framework of a program/organization; and (3) exercising sound judgment.


  1. Knowledges and Abilities: Must possess knowledge, skills and abilities pertinent to the duties and responsibilities desired and performs such work in a competent and confidential manner.
  2. Knowledge of: Secretarial principles and practices; administrative principles and practices applicable to HHSC; basic organization of State government, the interaction of HHSC and State agencies, and the legislative process; office practices and procedures; and principles and practices of supervision. Proficiency in using IT office machines, MS Office, Word, Outlook, using scheduling function, Excel & PowerPoint.
  3. Ability to: Plan, organize and carry out a very broad and complex range of secretarial functions; organize, assign, direct and review the work of others; develop and skillfully apply a working knowledge of the organization and the programs of HHSC; understand and interpret the views and policies of an executive office, including any special interests and official social obligations; work effectively under frequent interruptions and changing requirements, and handle continual office emergencies; write varied and complex business correspondences, summaries and reports requiring judgement as to appropriate format and conforming to all the rules of grammar and style; direct the maintenance of confidential files and records including those relating to employer-employee relations; deal tactfully with others within and outside the organization in carrying out instructions and policies of the executive officer.


Incumbent must be physically able to perform efficiently and effectively the essential duties of the position which typically require the ability to read without strain printed material the size of typewritten characters, glasses permitted, and the ability to hear the conversational voice, with or without a hearing aid, or the ability to communicate satisfactorily. Disabilities in these and other areas will not automatically result in disqualification.  Incumbent who demonstrates that he/she is capable of performing the essential functions of the position will not be disqualified under this section.

Incumbent will be required to attend numerous meetings in the Honolulu office, at locations throughout Oahu and throughout the State of Hawaii, and potentially the mainland United States.  Travel will require occasional overnight stays of one or more days out of town, or out of state.  Occasionally and on short notice.

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