As an employee of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, you are part of our ohana – our family. And families care about each other, which is why we offer you a compensation package designed to meet your needs now and throughout your career with us.

The salary you receive from HHSC is only a part of your total compensation. We’d like to help you understand more about the total compensation package you receive as a valued member of our team.


HHSC is one of Hawaii’s largest employers and offers you a competitive compensation package. Your total compensation is comprised of two major parts – your salary and your benefits.

In addition to your salary, which is an important part of your compensation package, you may be eligible for a broad range of valuable benefits, including comprehensive health insurance, life insurance, a retirement plan, sick leave, vacation leave, and paid holidays. All of these are part of compensation that goes beyond salary.


We understand that preserving and promoting family time and values is very important. We know that you need to spend quality time with your family.

Thus, you may be eligible for Family Leave (or use of your sick leave) for the birth or adoption of a child. Expectant mothers may also use sick leave for prenatal or post-natal checkups or any illness related to pregnancy. Family Leave can also be used to care for your child, spouse or parent with a serious health condition. A leave of absence without pay of up to a year may be approved regardless of your paid leave credit balance.

HHSC also recognizes that families may face crises and problems. Thus we offer an Employee Assistance Program. This program provides confidential assessment, information, referral, and short-term professional counseling services, free of charge for up to three visits, if you are experiencing personal problems that affect your work.

We offer an attractive holiday, vacation and sick leave package to salaried employees. For more information on holiday pay, vacation, sick leave and other leaves, please refer to your collective bargaining agreement.


You are entitled to 13 paid holidays per year (14 during an election year), compared to an average of 10 holidays offered by private companies.

These State holidays are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • King Kamehameha I Day
  • Independence Day
  • Statehood Day
  • Labor Day
  • Election Day (during an election year)
  • Veterans’ Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day


In accordance with your union contract, you may be able to earn up to 21 days of sick leave and 21 days of vacation leave each year. Vacation and sick leave are accrued on a monthly basis.

Vacation can be accumulated up to a total of 90 days (720 hours). There is no limit on the accumulation of sick leave. In addition, unused accumulated sick leave may eventually be used to increase your retirement benefits in certain situations.

Upon request and approval, you may be eligible for certain leaves of absence without pay such as educational leave, and work at the State Legislature. For more specific information on leaves of absence, refer to your applicable collective bargaining agreement.


HHSC offers eligible employees a choice of health insurance plans – medical, dental, drug, and vision – through the Hawaii Employer Union Trust Fund health plan.

Best of all, there’s no waiting period, unlike most private employers’ health plans, which means immediate coverage for you and your family.


*Please note that the information here provides a summary of benefits generally offered to eligible employees and does not constitute a legal document or contract. Benefits vary by type of employment appointment and collective bargaining agreement, and are subject to change. For further information, please contact Human Resources or refer to the applicable rules, laws, collective bargaining agreements or benefit plan documents.