Open Solicitations

HHSC cannot operate without obtaining goods, services and construction assistance from private businesses and individuals.  Through your participation in an open, competitive solicitation process, all HHSC stakeholders benefit.  Stakeholders include the State of Hawaii, HHSC, our hospital patients, medical staff, and employees. Quality at competitive prices is the goal of HHSC procurement.  Our policies and procedures are designed to promote that goal by diligently following fair and open procurement practices while meeting the purchasing needs of a robust health care organization.

Vendors and other interested parties are encouraged to respond to the open solicitations periodically posted within the respective procurement methods below.  If there are no solicitations listed, then HHSC does not have any open solicitations at this time.  This site does not have a mechanism to send automatic notices.  Please contact the contracting officer to be notified of any amendments or cancellations to open solicitations within the procurement methods listed below: