Contact Compliance

A key element of HHSC’s Compliance Program is “transparency.” We want to provide employees, staff, vendors, and other agents a variety of ways to ask questions about possible compliance issues, report compliance issues, discuss questions or problems with management, and, if needed, report anonymously any possible compliance issues.

The following are ways to raise compliance issues and concerns:

  • Talk to your manager, technical representative on your contract, and/or regional management
  • Contact your Regional Compliance Officer 
  • Contact the HHSC Chief Compliance Officer:
    • Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer
      3675 Kilauea Avenue
      Honolulu, HI 96816
  • Call the HHSC Anonymous and Confidential Hotline:
          Corporate Compliance Hotline: 1-877-733-4189
  • Use the HHSC AlertLine website: