HHSC Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Update


As part of our on-going progress effort to Stage 4: Integrated Testing , several important adjustments have been made.  First, the clinical project team recently transitioned their work effort from the Test system to the newly delivered Production system. 

Due to some unexpected stability issues in the new Production system impacting overall readiness, the Emergency Department roadshows for Kahuku Medical Center, Kona Community Hospital, Kohala Hospital, Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital and Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital have been canceled, and will be rescheduled for September or early October.  The Siemens team is working aggressively to resolve the stability issues.

The ED Roadshows for Lanai Community Hospital (August 13), Maui Memorial Medical Center (August 14) and Kula Hospital (August 14) remain on the schedule as planned, pending resolution of the systems stability issues. You can expect to see rescheduling announcements in the upcoming week or two.

Secondly, based on the results of a project assessment of all HHSC facilities conducted by Siemens and HHSC management, the HHSC Board of Directors  on July 19,  approved a $17 million adjustment to a recast EMerGE budget  that covers several important project components that were not included in the original preliminary budget, including additional costs (over the course of a five-year period) related to the following:

  • Wide-area network build out (additional infrastructure) including data communication links between HHSC facilities and the corporate data center located on Oahu;
  • The need to upgrade facilities to conform with data center standards such as fire and safety and having appropriate servers available;
  • Cabling for wireless access;
  • Specific interfaces and related equipment for monitors and other medical equipment;
  • Additional staffing needs: 4 nursing positions, chief medical information officer, and pharmacist.

The additional funds are necessary to keep the project moving forward and enable HHSC to meet its “meaningful use” deadlines.  HHSC is looking at covering these additional costs through a combination of operating funds and municipal leasing financing.

Your continued support and participation is very much appreciated.


Kay Richford
HHSC EMeRGE Interim Project Manager
(808) 733-4074

About Hawaii Health Systems Corporation

HHSC consists of five regional systems operating 9 facilities throughout the State of Hawaii: East Hawaii Regional system operates Hilo Medical Center, Ka’u Hospital, Hale Ho’ola Hamakua and Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home; West Hawaii Regional system operates Kona Community Hospital and Kohala Hospital; Oahu Regional system operates Leahi Hospital and Maluhia; and Kauai Regional system operates: Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital, and Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital. HHSC has three nonprofit affiliates: Kahuku Medical Center operating a critical access hospital and long-term care facility in rural Oahu; Ali'i Community Care Inc. doing business as (1) Roselani Place providing assisted living on Maui, and (2) Ali'i Health Center: a physician practice in Kona; and Hawaii Health Systems Foundation.

Established by the Legislature in 1996, HHSC is a public benefit corporation of the State of Hawaii. As such, HHSC provides essential safety-net hospital and long term care services throughout the State. Since 1996, HHSC has and continues to fulfill the State’s promise to provide high quality, healthcare to all regardless of whether an individual has health insurance or the ability to pay for the healthcare services they receive.

HHSC Media Contact:
Debbie Hirano, CEO Secretary/Board Secretary
808-733-4151, dhirano@hhsc.org