HHSC Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Update


A lot of activities continue to happen as our EMeRGE project progresses forward.  As we’ve been sharing, our focus remains on testing and more testing.  

Once the individual units have completed unit testing for each application and are successfully connected to all modules and ancillary systems,  we will proceed to Stage 4: Integrated Testing.  This is another important phase that will make sure all parts of the EMR system are working together correctly in a simulated business environment; it involves testing out a series of activities that various hospital departments would be handling from admitting to discharge.  Activities within this stage are expected to go-on through mid-January 2013.

At the same time, based on the EMR needs of our eight HHSC emergency departments.  the Emergency Department Information System is being developed.  The ED working group has been busy putting together  a tracking board and layout of the its complex and important system.  Beginning in August each emergency department will host an “EMeRGE Roadshow” to familiarize ED physicians and staff with the new system, including demonstrations.   Dr. Ramsey Hasan, HHSC chief medical information officer, Dr. Randy Niklason, HHSC ED physician champion, Jeanette Kohley, ED operations analyst  and members of the ED working group will be involved in the following site visits:

  • Kahuku Medical Center  – Wednesday, August 1 (10am – noon)
  • Kohala Hospital – Monday, August 6 (3 -5pm)
  • Kona Community Hospital – Tuesday, August 7 (10am – noon)
  • Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital – Wednesday, August 8 (7 -9 am)
  • Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital – Thursday, August 9 (7 -9am)
  • Lanai Community Hospital – Monday, August 13 (11am – 1pm)
  • Maui Memorial Medical Center – Tuesday, August 14 (11am – 1pm)
  • Kula Hospital – Tuesday, August 14 (3 – 5 pm)

In the upcoming weeks, you might also see the cabling vendor at your facility  getting the hotspots of your facility tested and readied for wireless access.  The installation schedule are as follows:

  • Leahi Hospital – July 2 -27
  • Maui Memorial Medical Center – July 23 – September 14
  • Kula Hospital– September 10 – 28
  • Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital – October 1- 19
  • Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital – October 10 – 31
  • Kahuku Medical Center – October 29  – November 2
  • Maluhia – November 5 – 23
  • Lanai Community Hospital – November 26 – 30

Additionally, training continues to be developed by HHSC, in partnership with the Siemens Education Division.  Every employee that will be using the EMR will receive training on the modules they will be using.  There will also be some pre-training items made available, like Web Based Training (WBT) and Simple Notifications.  The Training web page will be made available soon with Education Materials, the WBTs and the Training Schedule.  Please look for announcements coming up.  If you have any questions, please contact Dawn Wooten, HHSC Training Coordinator at 808-733-4332 or dwooten@hhsc.org.

Please keep in mind, a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) is now online.  Users have the ability to sort, search, and read these short answers and also submit questions.  We hope everyone will take advantage of this useful tool.  This web based system can be accessed via the intranet for anyone that is logged into the HHSC network. As new questions become known, the FAQ will be updated accordingly.

Your continued support and participation is very much appreciated.


Kay Richford
HHSC EMeRGE Interim Project Manager
(808) 733-4074

About Hawaii Health Systems Corporation

HHSC consists of five regional systems operating 9 facilities throughout the State of Hawaii: East Hawaii Regional system operates Hilo Medical Center, Ka’u Hospital, Hale Ho’ola Hamakua and Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home; West Hawaii Regional system operates Kona Community Hospital and Kohala Hospital; Oahu Regional system operates Leahi Hospital and Maluhia; and Kauai Regional system operates: Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital, and Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital. HHSC has three nonprofit affiliates: Kahuku Medical Center operating a critical access hospital and long-term care facility in rural Oahu; Ali'i Community Care Inc. doing business as (1) Roselani Place providing assisted living on Maui, and (2) Ali'i Health Center: a physician practice in Kona; and Hawaii Health Systems Foundation.

Established by the Legislature in 1996, HHSC is a public benefit corporation of the State of Hawaii. As such, HHSC provides essential safety-net hospital and long term care services throughout the State. Since 1996, HHSC has and continues to fulfill the State’s promise to provide high quality, healthcare to all regardless of whether an individual has health insurance or the ability to pay for the healthcare services they receive.

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