Historic Agreement Approved for the Operation and Management of Maui Region Health Care Facilities

HHSC CEO Remarks Maui Signing

It is a privilege to be here today with all of you at this historic moment for healthcare in Hawaii.

HHSC is proud of the services it has provided in the Maui Region in the past, but also recognizes that to continue to provide healthcare under a government model has limitations.

Healthcare today is a very complex, highly regulated, and rapidly changing business with constant pressure from payors to provide higher quality care at a lower cost.

Development of health information technology, physician networks, quality improvement and expertise in revenue cycle is essential for successful hospital operations.

Hawaii’s private hospitals have invested substantially in these areas and while we try our best, it is challenging for HHSC to keep pace.

Allowing private providers to assume more of the responsibility for healthcare across the state has the potential to bring a higher level of services while also reducing the burden on taxpayers.

It is a logical and positive evolution in neighbor island healthcare as our communities move beyond so called “safety net” services to access a greater array of services closer to home.

The signing of this agreement is the culmination of years of efforts by many individuals inspired by their vision for health services in their community. I applaud their efforts and feel honored to have been a small part of it.

As a physician who has worked in healthcare across the state for over 30 years I am confident this change will bring stability and growth in healthcare jobs for employees, along with increased health services for the residents and visitors of Maui and Lana’i.

I look forward to working with Kaiser to facilitate a smooth and successful transition into the future.